Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Humor Found in a Normally Solemn Area

As some of you know, I have some hobbies that do not coincide with the normal jewelry, crochet, chainmaille fun that I like to partake in. It is something that I take seriously, but not many people enjoy doing.

Prior to having Haylie, I found that the local cemeteries were in some disrepair, and that many of the headstones were becoming illegible. Since I am a serious genealogist, I found this disturbing, as soon, many generations of our relatives would be lost forever. I began photographing and transcribing local cemeteries, with my goal being to eventually complete all 100+ cemeteries in my county. I can be a mentally challenging
and often sad task.
This being said, you have to see the humor in some of our work.  So, I
present you with a few photos that you might find humorous.

If you all would like to see where I put my work for future generations, it is called FindAGrave.com . On the left side of the page is 'famous' people's graves and memorials. On the right side of the page, is a place to look up names of common people. All work on this site is totally free and contributed by volunteers. You can find millions of memorials for the no longer living, and if you can not find who you are looking for, you can make a request for specific areas, and people in that area will do their best to find your relative. If they find them, they will take photos if they have a headstone.

Volunteer in something that you find helpful. Find something you like, and donate some time. You will be glad that you did!



  1. Too funny! I love visiting cemeteries and browsing Find A Grave. Keep up the great work! :)

  2. That is hilarious! My husband and I used to frequent graveyards and we've never found awesome ones like these! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That was fascinating, thanks for sharing this! My favorite is Constant Craps.

  4. Thanks for sharing - too funny!