Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Too Far Over the Line

After the last Presidential debate, there was the usual flurry of opinions being Tweeted and posted to Facebook and other social media sites. Both parties putting out their opinions of why their candidate won that round of debates. This is great, as that is what democracy is about, everyone having and sharing their opinions.

What is not great, is the fact that some people, both sides of the political lines included, step over the line. Mind you, that line has been moved back so far, that it would be easier to punt a field goal from the opposing team's 99 yard line, than to see decency and common respect.

To me, this post by  AnnCoulter surpassed that line, and sunk into the lagoon of social conscious. She has not only insulted the President of the United States, but hundreds of thousands of Americans and those that love them, and hundreds of millions of people world wide.

This is a response to Ann's disgraceful tweet, and it's well worth the read: