Monday, September 28, 2009

Sneak Attack One Year Anniversary Celebration a Huge Success!

Way to go Sneakers!!!

This past Thursday, September 24, the Etsy Sneak Attack Team celebrated it's one year anniversary! It was an amazing success! There were several giveaways during the day and into the evening, while people chatted on a forum just for the celebration.

Winner of giveaway #1, a Neclace and Bracelet from BusyBeadingRunsWithScissors4, was Glenda of WinterGarden.

Winner of giveaway #2, a Chocolate Covered Caramel Jewelry Pouch from JewelrybyAllisonB, was Jennifer of iWunder .

Winner of giveaway #3, an LED Lamp Base by fromMarz and an Ornate Original Drawing from VerveInteriors, was Deanna of BadonHill.

Winner of the Grand Prize Giveaway, a huge basket of items donated from SneakTeam members, too numerous to mention, was Betsy of ComfyHome. 

In holding to their mission, the sneakers Sneak Attacked three Etsy shops with few or no sales. Click here to see what the HandmadeMovement is all about.

The shop 'victims' were as follows:  with 10 sales from the Sneak Attack. with 35 sales from the Sneak Attack. with 8 sales from the Sneak Attack.

Also Sneak Attacked for the big One Year Anniversary Sneak Attack event was  the founder of the Sneak Attack, Michael Phipps of and of Members of the SneakTeam, both past and present, and attack victims from the past year pulled off the sneakiest of all Sneak Attacks! had a whopping 55 sales in the Sneak Attack!

And for one of the most talkative groups of people, the SneakTeam, they managed to keep this secret for several months! An amazing feat in itself, if you knew the SneakTeam! However, as much as they like to talk, they like to show their love with thier wallets! At last count, there was a total of 108 sales!

So, congratulations to the giveaway winners, the Sneak Attack 'victims,' and to the SneakTeam members, for making this past year such a huge success, and kick starting the second year with a big bang!

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  1. Great article. Wish I would've won then it would've been perfect. :)